The Daily Life of The Incredable Honeybee Is Both
Fascinating and Educational To Watch. Join Us As
We Peer Inside A Working Beehive.

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Egg to Adult growth series #2 -
Continuing to follow the progress of the two eggs we have been watching, in the previous video..... the eggs have hatched into the larva stage. At that time the shell has dissolved, the larva now lays in the bottom of the cell and assumes a "C" shape. For the first 24 hours the nurse bees feed it royal jelly (a milky syrup, high in protein, that young worker bees secrete from a gland in their heads). The larva eats so much on the first day that its weight increases 5 ½ times. If the same thing happened to a human that weighed 60 lbs on Monday, by Tuesday he would weigh 330 lbs. After the first 24 hours, the larva is feed a mixture of honey (carb source) and pollen (protein source).

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