The Daily Life of The Incredable Honeybee Is Both
Fascinating and Educational To Watch. Join Us As
We Peer Inside A Working Beehive.

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Waggle Dance #2 -
A worker bee has returned to the hive carrying pollen in the sacs (on either side of her rear legs) that she found on a scouting mission. Now she communicates to other bees how to return to the pollen source by doing a "Waggle Dance" which describes the distance and direction to the source. The dance consists of running repeatedly in a figure 8 pattern. A straight run is followed by a turn to the right to circle back to the starting point, then another straight run, followed by a turn and circle to the left, and so on. During the straight run portion of the dance, she vibrates (waggles) her abdomen back and forth. The direction and duration of these straight runs are closely correlated with the direction and distance of the nectar source and it's angle to the sun.
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